UFC FN145 Betting Tips & Plays

Jan Blachowicz Breakdown:

Both men come into this battle career highs. Santos has looked unstoppable since going up to light heavyweight, whilst Blachowicz currently rides a dominant four fight win streak. This matchup however appears to favour Blachowicz in lots of ways. Durability and cardio is going to be a large factor and there’s a few tougher than Blachowicz. Santos yells everything with full power and is based on finishing competitions. In a five round fight this strategy is a risky one that will backfire in the later rounds. Blachowicz brings quitting power of their own but conserves cardio for a outcome. On the feet both guys may get their moments, but the precise jab of Blachowicz is very likely to trigger Santos problems. His boxing is dangerous yet wild and a straight jab is one of the best counters to looping hooks. The biggest advantage goes to Blachowicz on the floor. Since Santos tires the takedowns will be open and Santos has struggled at the grappling department. The BJJ black-belt abilities should find Blachowicz a complete once the opportunity presents.
Bet = Blachowicz in 2.00 (+100) chances. Risk 3 Units to acquire 3.0 Units.
Damir Ismagulov Breakdown:
Ismagulov welcomes the UFC newcomer in what should be a one sided affair. On the toes Ismagulov is quick with his out and in striking. Defensively he averts trouble whilst throwing in some gaudy strikes to keep opponents guessing. Alvarez appears thinner on the toes using a riskier style. He keeps his hands but does throw aggressive combinations. The significant differential lies at the grappling department. Alvarez hasn’t shown great takedown defense on the regional scene and relies on high hazard admissions off his spine. Against UFC calibre competitions this strategy succeeds. Look for Ismagulov to push his advantage standing and look for excursions and takedowns into the mat where he favours control and top position through floor and pound.
Bet = Ismagulov at 1.34 (-290) chances. Risk 5 Units to win 1.70 Units.
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